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Organic waste removal by cleanest bins


Add the $25 trip fee to your shopping cart.

Every trip we make requires a $25 trip fee. Your first step is to add this trip fee to your online shopping cart. See step one below.


Add the number of bags to pick up.

The next step after you add the trip fee to your online cart is to add the amount of yard waste bags you would like to have picked up to your online cart. The fee to pick up is $7 per bag. Please add the number of bags into your online shopping cart. This part is done in the step two section on this page.


Complete the online pick up form.

Once you have completed steps one and two you now can proceed to the final step. on Step three, in the last section of this page, you will need to fill in the form and click the black checkout button. Once you click the black checkout button you can pay for your service and your yard waste will be picked up between 3 to 5 business days.

How to get started

Desktop Instructions

Mobile Instructions

Step 1


No need to pack up your leave bags into your vehicle and waste a trip to the dump. We come to you a pick it up.

Save Time

Save Energy

Please ensure you add the pick fee to cart. Without this fee we cannot travel to your pick up location.

Order Bags

    Step2: Add the number of bags you would like picked up

    Bag up your leaves and organic waste in the proper waste disposal bags and just leave them at your curb. You can have one or two bags or maybe you have 20 to 30 bags, it doesn't matter. Drop them curbside and we will make them go away.


    *You will receive a follow up email for your pick up date*

    Please note, we will only pick up the number of bags that have been added to cart and paid for.

    Step 3

    Final Step:complete pick up form and check out

    Enter your pick information and check out. Once you complete your purchase you will receive and email from Cleanest Bins for your town pick up day.

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