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Trash Stinks! we have it covered.

The Number One Bin Washing Company in Foxboro

We service thousands of homes in your community.

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We handle it all

Are you tired of dirty, smelly,
pest-ridden trash cans and dumpsters?

We have all experienced the heavy, nauseating, pungent odor of a smelly trash bin. It is never a pleasant experience and no one likes the site of rodents, roaches, and maggots near their home. 

Living in New England, this is something any home owner, tenant, and business owner has experienced and probably has felt there is no solution to the problem.

Cleanest Bins is a waste sanitation company with a direct focus on keeping our customers trash and recycle bins clean, sanitized, and smelling fresh!

Choose Cleanest Bins

Know your bins are clean with Cleanest Bins

Our eco friendly disinfectant kills all festering germs and bacteria combined with blasting water over 200 degrees Fahrenheit leaving your bins clean and sanitized. 

No More Scrubbing and hosing your own bins

Our 360 cleaning heads remove dirt and debris from every nook and cranny of your trash bin so you don't ever have to set up the hose, get some dish detergent and scrub your bins.

Conveniently done on your trash day

Our number one goal is to keep it simple and highly effective for you. We attempt to always clean your bins the same day as your trash pick up to ensure you only have to bring your trash and recycling trash bins out on time a week.

what our clients say


They were in and out today in about an hour. I have 4 filthy , smelly bins and now they are brand new again. Thanks for a professional fast and amazing job done. See you you guys in the spring.

Paulie D

Excellent service! I’ve always wanted to power wash my barrel's but couldn’t get over the hurdle of where you put the dirty water. All the dirty water is contained in the “Cleanest Bins” truck. Barrels were super clean and sanitized. I will definitely recommend to my neighbors and be using this service again!

Ray M

Fantastic job. My bins were absolutely disgusting and are as clean as the day we got them. Extremely reasonable pricing. Responsive customer service. Worth the money. Never would have achieved the same results buying cleaning products and trying to wash the bins myself.

Sean F

We have 40 plus 5 star reviews on 

our Pricing

Our pricing is based upon frequency of service. The more pick up you select, the less per bin you will pay. Quarterly and monthly services are billed on a month to month bases while one time pick up is billed one time before the service is provided.

One Time Bin Cleaning

We will come to your home the day of your trash pick up and sanitize your bin or bins, one time. There is no commitment after the one time bins wash. Great for someone who would like to test our service.

Quarterly Bin Cleaning

We will come to your home the day of your trash pick up and sanitize your bin or bins, one time every three months.

Monthly Bin Cleaning

We will come to your home the day of your trash pick up and sanitize your bin or bins, one time. There is no commitment after the one time bins wash.

This service is great for:

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Apartment Rentals

  • Air BnB

This service is great for:

  • Seasonal  Homeowners 

  • Camp Grounds

  • Seasonal Vacation Homes

This service is great for:

  • Home Owners

  • Multi Unit Apartments

  • Home Based Business

save money now

Join our club and get 25 percent off your first bin wash and exclusive deals from our participating partners.

Our Club Partners

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No mess left behind!

190 Degree.png
190 Degree
Hot Power
Wash Cleaning

99.9% Germ Elimination and Waste Removal
Disinfect, and Deodorize
Eco-Friendly Cleaning System

a professional opinion 

New England Center, David Andrews

  • When and where do you clean my bins?
    We will clean your bins on your normal trash & recycling day! We ask you to leave them curbside as we will clean them right when you have them!
  • What if my trash or recycling isn't picked up until the afternoon?
    No problem! We will come out on the day AFTER your normal trash and recycling service that way we can ensure both bins are empty! Just leave them visible in the driveway for us!
  • Can I pay per washing v.s paying in full for the season?
    Of course! We just require a card on file for autopay! You will be invoiced after your cleaning, the card on file will be processed and you will receive an emailed receipt!
  • If I sign up for recurring services can my schedule be changed?
    YES! Your scheduling is based off when you sign up for service but we can change any date or month for your washing! You will be emailed prior to every wash with a service date so if you needed a change, just let us know! or we can even make your entire schedule together!

Question's ? Ask US! 

We will be in touch with you soon!

Operating Hours

6 Mechanic Street

Foxboro, MA 02035

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 4pm
​Always Available if you need us!


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